To one of the Poorest Regions of the World

CongoVoice is an international partnership of people who care about the people living in one of the poorest countries in the world – the Democratic Republic of Congo – and want to do whatever we can to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITY. This HOPE is based on a 3-prong sustainable approach to alleviating poverty: rescue the vulnerable children, educate the students and fund the entrepreneurs. Through CongoVoice children, students and entrepreuners are given HOPE to build a future and the OPPORTUNITY to become business and community leaders, strengthening one of the poorest countries in the world.  CongoVoice is a 501C3 (45-5281709) with 100% of your donation being used in one of these areas of focus and qualifies to be entirely tax deductible.

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Sabuli Sanguma, the Director of Our Children's Center, is featured in Episode 2 of Aptos' Commerce of Caring podcast. 

Sowing the Seeds of Hope: How one woman’s incredible journey began with her hiding from rebels in the jungle, and culminated with her return to provide a home – and hope - for dozens of Congolese kids.
Listen to her story here.

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The 501C3 # for donors who need tax exemption assurance for their donation: 45 - 5281709