CongoVoice is an international partnership of people who care about the kids who are living in the poorest country in the world – the Democratic Republic of Congo – and want to do whatever we can to provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITY to these kids.  This hope is based on providing sanitary living conditions, providing daily nourishment, providing necessary health care, providing basic education.  The opportunity is based on providing advanced education and training, micro-financing new local business ventures, and ultimately providing a local self-sustaining economy and local employment.

CongoVoice is targeting the geographic area of the Ubangi region of the Congo.  Ubangi is located in the northwest corner of the Congo and is considered the poorest region of the country.  Gemena is the largest town (250,000) in the Ubangi and is only accessible by traveling by boat for several weeks on the Congo River or by plane that is scheduled twice a week from the capital – Kinshasa.  There is limited / unreliable road access to Gemena that requires navigating hundreds of miles of unimproved roads.  Gemena is a isolated area of the country and building a sustainable economy is difficult due to part to the transportation challenge for goods and services. There is limited electrical power, communications / Internet and accessible fresh water.  Our focus in this region is based on the critical needs of the region coupled with the proven success already achieved by several of our partners in the region.

CongoVoice has a 3-prong approach in serving the kids located in the Gemena area of the Ubangi region of the Congo:

A. Building / sustaining housing, nourishment, medical and education for kids without a family

B. Developing / sustaining higher education to develop local talent and skills

C. Launching / mentoring micro-financed businesses to establish a sustainable local economy

CongoVoice has staff “on the ground” to assess and prioritize the needs, develop workable strategies to address these needs, and then partners with the Congolese people to deliver “life changing” solutions.

The CongoVoice leadership includes individuals who have many years of experience in creating new ventures, leading / managing organizations, teaching, volunteering, and serving. Our leadership includes both Congolese and American individuals who have a common vision for delivering hope to the kids of the Congo.  All of the CongoVoice leadership has visited and volunteered in the Congo – serving the kids, teaching in the university, launching and mentoring micro-financed business ventures.


We are committed to the kids to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their wellbeing with hope and opportunity. We stand in solidarity in a common search for justice. We seek to understand the situation of the kids in the poorest country in the world and work alongside the people and programs that can transform them.  Our focus starts with the kids – who are the neediest of them all.


We value people and seek to establish a partnership between the kids who have been born in the poorest part of the world and the affluent that have accumulated more than the average – to open both groups to transformation. We respect the kids to be active participants, not passive recipients, in this relationship. We respect the affluent who are people from whom others may learn and receive, as well as their ability to give. The need for transformation is common to all.  We act in ways that respect dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person — the kids, the donors, the volunteers, and the CongoVoice leadership. We celebrate the richness of diversity in human personality, culture and contribution. We practice a participative, open, enabling style in working relationships.

We are stewards of the resources at our disposal. We are committed to build and sustain a trust with our donors on behalf of the kids. We are open and factual in our dealings with donors, project communities, governments and the public at large. We demand of ourselves high standards of professional competence and financial accountability. We commit that all donations are 100% used in assisting the kids of the Congo as described in the CongoVoice story.   All administrative costs are funded by the CongoVoice leadership to enable all of your donations are used to fund the needs of the Congolese kids.

We are partners with the kids and with donors in a shared vision for the Congo. We maintain a cooperative stance and a spirit of openness towards other humanitarian organizations who are working within the Congo – which includes World Vision, Hope International, Paul Carlson Partners, CEUM, and many others. We leverage the strengths of these organizations to maximize our combined effectiveness.  Our partnership includes bringing Congolese leadership to America for personal / group training, to build stronger relationships, to increase awareness to current and potential partners, and to access the effectiveness of the CongoVoice efforts.


The Demographic Republic of the Congo is ranked as the poorest country in the world.  The country has been devastated by wars, rapes, corruption and AIDS. The mortality rate for kids under 5 is one of the highest in the world.  The unemployment rate is over 95% – so the opportunity for employment and the ability to provide for your yourself and your family is very limited. The number of kids living without any family support is staggering.  The tragedy is the reality that the Congo is ranked number one in the world in natural resources.

Most relief agencies have not launched in the Congo until recently due to the instability from wars and uprisings, government corruption, and the accessibility to reliable Congolese leadership.

CongoVoice is targeting the poorest region of the Congo – the Ubangi region – located in the northwest corner of the country and is very difficult to access.  The Congo river is one option, but takes several weeks of difficult travel to arrive.  Roads are unimproved and in most times of the year, inaccessible.  Plane travel is unpredictable with twice weekly scheduled flights on Congo Air from Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo with 10 million people.

There are close to 750,000 people in the Ubangi region with Gemena, a town of 250,000, being the main hub.  Ubangi is rich in farm land and surface water – and was known as the agricultural bread basket of both the Congo and for Africa before the wars in the 1990′s.

In seeking opportunities to serve and give, the leadership team of CongoVoice have unanimously agreed to personally serve “on the ground” in Ubangi and to financially donate to the mission of CongoVoice.  CongoVoice has identified and is partnering with proven Congolese leadership – this enables us to have high confidence in our effectiveness and sustainability.  We have also deployed CongoVoice staff permanently in the Ubangi to establish and nurture partnerships with other relief organizations who are also investing resources in this region of the Congo – such as World Vision, Hope International, and Paul Carlson Partners.