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Current Congolese President, Kabila desires to change the constitution to remain President for life. Congo has had only one year of true democratic rule in its history. Congo is rich in natural resources - $ 24 trillion untapped resources vital to global industries - that amount is more than the combined GDPs of Europe and America. 

Legendary CBS newsman,  Bob Simon was killed in a car crash at age 73. In honor of his legacy, CBS released a condensed version of one of his popular "60 minutes" shows: Joy in the Congo. 

"Virunga" film on besieged African park, bids for Oscar

The film produced by Leonardo DiCaprio has been described as "a wake-up call" to the struggle of wild park rangers in Eastern Congo and other conservationists with limited resources against armed groups, poachers and oil companies. 


DR Congo announces November 27th, 2016 as set date for Presidential elections. Read More

19 January 2015 - Congolese civilians in Kinshasa protest against Congo President, Joseph Kabila. Kabila aims to rewrite the Congolese Constitution to be president for life. Kabila has bribed Congo House Representatives for their votes. Secretary Kerry opposes Kabila's "President-for-life"

The DRC government shut down Internet, social media and mobile phone communications on Jan. 19 to prevent people from coordinating rallies in protest. Internet service was restored only to banks, government agencies and other corporate bodies 10 days later. 

Kabila's police brutally attack civilian protestors. 45 people have died and over 1,000 people injured during four separate protests. Read more

United Nations warns over DR Congo violence as villagers flee machete attacks CNN Report

The Minister of Health in Congo declares Ebola outbreak is over Reuters Report

One of the largest hospitals has no more capacity to treat victims of Ebola. Every day the sick are turned away. The World Health Organization reported that Ebola cases have doubled in Congo within the last week. September 11, 2014.

National Geographic, photographer Marcus Bleasdale speaks about the atrocities in Eastern Congo. Children labor in mines extracting minerals that are then distributed to countries like China to be produced into electronic products that are sold worldwide. We are complicit to these crimes against humanity. 2 million people at any one time have been displaced, over 5.5 million people have died,  an estimated 40 thousand women are being raped every year in Eastern Congo. 

New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof recognizes Congo's barbaric civil war as "the most lethal conflict since WWII...Yet no humanitarian crisis generates so little attention per million corpses, or such a pathetic international response." Read Kristof's editorial:

"The Price of Precious" National Geographic photographer, Marcus Bleasdale details Child labor in the Congo. 

"Congo is a nightmare in heaven", "Everyone wants a piece of Congo" Learn the history of Congo’s crisis. The death toll now mirrors the Holocaust. 

Congo's conflict minerals from the eastern side of Congo are found in your cell phone. Enough's John Prendergast breaks it all down. 

Ben Affleck’s journey to the Congo. He shares one of the greatest humanitarian disasters.

Kinshasa, capitol city of the DRC now resonates with Beethoven.

A simple breakdown about modern slavery in electronics

Demand a fair trade cell phone. TED Talks.