Our unique and diverse team is rooted in international relationships, providing a bridge between continents, professions and cultures.

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Husband of Sabuli Sanguma, CongoVoice co-founder and Board Member, was born and raised in the DR Congo. Mossai launched “Higher Education for Advanced Leadership Skills” (HEALS) for (Francophone) Africa to equip young leaders in helping the nations to overcome challenges of poverty, economic crisis, social upheaval, and ethnic tensions and divisions. Mossai is the founder and President of the Ubangi Protestant University (UPU) in Gemena.  He has served two terms as the President of the Covenant Evangelical Church in the Congo (CEUM) that serves over 200,000 Congolese.  He was working for World Vision in Gemena to provide safe water wells, schools, and economic development.  Mossai received his M.A. in Theological Studies at North Park Theological Seminary in Illinois and his PhD studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in California.  

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Mike & Suzanne Seashols

Mike Seashols Co-founder and CongoVoice Chairman, has been a Silicon Valley entrepreneur for the past 4 decades.  Mike has participated in forming or growing over 20 companies in his business career – including Oracle, Versant, Documentum, Ingres, NetBase, and G5.  Mike first visited the Congo in 2011 to teach entrepreneurial principles at UPU to assist in the launch of micro financed businesses by the graduating students.  Through Mossai’s vision, Mike with his wife, Suzanne & Mossai and Sabuli launched CongoVoice as a non-profit NGO in America and the Congo.  Mike holds a Mathematics degree from Manchester College. 


Sabuli Sanguma

Former ‘presidents wife’ & Founder/ Director of the Sabuli Children's Center for over 100 children. Sabuli was born and raised in the DR Congo.  Sabuli has an incredible faith and a servants heart for the abandoned and orphaned children whom she calls her own. She is a voice for the the forgotten and holds deep respect from her in the Commiunity. Her Children's Center has been a refuge to these children for over a decade.


Jeff Roster
Board member

CongoVoice Board Member, after his visit to the Congo in 2014 meeting the Congolese students & entrepreneurs. Jeff is also on the board of Retail Orphan Initiative (ROI) which builds awareness of the plight of orphans worldwide & receives donations from the thousands of vendors within the retail industry.   Jeff is recognized as one of the retail industry's top analysts over the pass 3 decades.


Max WoodleY

Congo Voice Associate, as of 2018 - Max and his wife moved to Gemena, Congo, through a partnership with Hope International. They are serving at Congo Voice by offering English language education and assisting with project developments.
He is passionate about discipleship, building cross-cultural relationships and promoting restoration and peace among the Congolese.
Max was born and raised in Germany, though he has spent the past 5 years travelling between Canada and Africa. He has a Bachelor of Religious Education from Tyndale UC in Toronto Canada, and pastored at Revive Church in Canada as well.

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Daniela Pedley
board member

CongoVoice Board Member, is a wealth management professional for high net worth individuals and Charities - currently works at Barclays with prior experience as a SVP at Lehman and VP at JP Morgan.  Daniela has a passion for the Congolese people and enjoys being our translator when Congolese visit America.  Daniela was born and raised in London, England. She has her degree from University of Durham. 

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BOard Member

 Congo Voice Board Member, is an information designer. She has served as a vice president at Siegel +Gale, a global communications firm, where she was a founding member of the Simplified Communications Group. Kathryn is also a conflict conciliator/mediator for individuals and groups. She received her training from Peacemaker Ministries and UC Berkeley. She continues to direct workshops on peacemaking. 

Kathryn holds a BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, an MBA from St. Mary's College of CA. She is the champion for Sabuli's Children and both Sabuli and Mossai Sanguma's Congolese efforts in the San Francisco Bay area community. 

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Gary Gaddini
board member

Congo Voice Board Member, has been on the pastoral staff of Peninsula Covenant Church in Redwood City, California since 1997, serving as its lead pastor of since 2003. Gary fell in love with the DRC with his first trip there in 2008. He plans annual trips to serve in a wide array of community development endeavors. In 2012, Gary and his wife, Anne, adopted their fifth daughter, Joelle, from the Congo. Gary earned his master of divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.  

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Doug Morton
Board Member

CongoVoice Board Member, has served as an executive at Woodruff-Sawyer & Co. – one of Silicon’s Valley’s leading Insurance brokers - for the past 40 years.  Doug has made multiple trips to the Congo to assess and serve in various projects with a passion to help create a sustainable economy though economic development. Doug also serves on the board of Paul Carlson Partners that serves the medical needs of the Congo through 5 hospitals and 90 clinics.  Doug graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Business Administration. 


Katelyn hummel

Congo Voice’s Communications Director, works in the customer service industry while volunteering in the non-profit sector. Her passion to assist children and their families in the poorest world regions with micro finance efforts has propelled her to coordinate activities and deliver promotional services to a number of NGOs including World Vision in serving different African countries, such as Nigeria, Zambia and the Congo.  Katelyn graduated from Grove City College in Pennsylvania with a history degree and a minor in business. 

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Helen Roman
Finance director

Our Congo Voice Finance Director, is currently an accountant at JH Partners with prior finance experience at DCM Ventures and Crimson Capital, and as an auditor of KPMG. Helen is a CPA with an MS graduate degree in Accounting from Northeastern University degree, an Accounting and Finance degree from the London School of Economics, and a BS degree in Political Science from Wellesley College.

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Paul DeNeui
board member

CongoVoice Board Member, is the lead professor of Missiology and Intercultural studies at North Park Theological Seminary (NPTS) in Chicago.

Paul has made numerous trips to the Congo to teach and assess the needs of the UPU.  Today NPTS in Chicago and UPU in the Congo are sister schools. Paul arranges student exchange programs between the universities that has enriched the lives of hundreds of students from both the Congo and America.


Lischa Woodley
Communications associate

Moved with her husband to Gemena to assist Mama Sabuli with the growing number of infants and children at the centre. She is passionate about healthy physical, spiritual, and emotional development of all children, especially those who are vulnerable or have been neglected.
Lischa studied Early Childhood Education in Toronto, ON and has served with many different child-related ministries including SIM, Youth Unlimited, and Revive Church. Lischa also utilizes social media platforms to advocate for the Congolese and bring awareness to their fight against poverty.