CongoVoice has a 3-prong approach in serving the kids located in the Gemena area of the Ubangi region of the Congo:

A. Building / sustaining housing, nourishment, medical and education for kids without a family

B. Developing / sustaining higher education to develop local talent and skills

C. Launching / mentoring micro-financed businesses to establish a sustainable local economy

CongoVoice has staff “on the ground” to assess and prioritize the needs, develop workable strategies to address these needs, and then partners with the Congolese people to deliver “life changing” solutions.

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The Orphanage: Capacity for 100 children. Serving 80.

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The University: Ubangi Protestant University. Offering 5 accredited degrees for hundreds of students. 

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Micro-Finance: Launching dozens of businesses in an area with 95% unemployment. 

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