Children's Center Damaged!

We are raising funds to rebuild the Childrene's Center. On September 9th,  a severe rain and windstorm destroyed the roof, interior furnishings, solar panels and Internet dish at the Children's Center. We need your support. 

What the Center was

The Sabuli's Children's Center has been in operation for 6 years - a building to provide a secure home, furnishings to provide some comfort, then running water to replace the daily walks to clean water, solar power to extended light to read and study, and then the Internet to provide communications & educational content.  On September 9th, a massive storm went through the Bokonzo, Gemena community, destroying the Children's roof, heavily damaging the recently installed solar panels and satellite for Internet connection at the orphanage.  This Children's Center is home to 85 abandoned children and now the children are displaced finding shelter within the local church and some neighbor's homes. Thankfully not one child at the Center was injured. 

The children's beds and mattresses at the Center need to be replaced as they have all been soaked by the storm.  Their notebooks and clothes were scattered outside by the storm. When Sabuli, the director of the Children's Center returned from her garden in the afternoon she tried to calm the children as they were screaming and crying. The entire roof had blown off their building while children were inside.  Sabuli is overwhelmed, discouraged and exhausted. Her and the children desperately need your support. 

Some of the solar panels can be reused but many new ones will need to be replaced.  A new Internet dish is required to restore communications. We have been in communication with engineers to assess the damage and plan for the reconstruction of the Center. The primary task has been to immediately repair and secure the roof since it is the rainy season. 

We have raised $25,000 to repair the roof. We greatly thank all of those for their generous support. 

The local community in Gemena, DR Congo has contributed labor & materials to minimize the time & expense to reconstruct the Children's Center.  

We redesigned the roof to hopefully withstand any future storms. A significant amount of local mahogany beams were added and stronger materials were used to reinforce the metal roofing to the beams. 
Children have moved back in and partial solar power is back up. 
The Internet signal is weak until we repair the receiver / dish. Water access is re-established.

Several Critical Needs Still Exist: 

~4 solar panels need to replaced. An estimated $ 2,400 is needed to replace before labor costs~
~ Many mattresses, bedding and personal items need replaced ~

~ Repair of the Internet dish. Before labor cost the estimate to replace the satellite is $9,200. ~

eed to plant a few dozen fast growing trees to protect the structure from direct wind damage. 

If anyone can help with a donation please go to

We are asking those who pray to pray for the protection and comfort of children and the staff who serve them.   Please keep these children and caregivers close to your hearts. We can only imagine what they have all experienced. We are committed to restore their lives as best we are able.  

Please consider donating to to rebuild the Children's Center and provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITY to the Congolese.

To give, click the donate button below. Designate the purpose of your donation to the Children's Center and note "Repair/Rebuild" OR you can send a check made out to CongoVoice and designate Children's Center repair - mail to 2805 St James Road, Belmont, CA  94002.

We will be updating the web site as we are able with news or be sending out additional newsletters.