CongoVoice Clean Water Initiative

Where will your donation go?

We have a number of initiatives under way for 2015.  You can help us accomplish any one of these:

  1. Drilling Wells - We are going to drill three wells, which will cost $25,000 each. The 25k includes the well drilling, piping to the structure, storage tanks for others to access clean water, and electrical pump to maintain water pressure. The wells will be drilled for the Children's Center, the Ubangi Protestant University (UPU) and the Community Center. At each of these locations, the water will be also sold to the community, providing income to cover part of the cost of ongoing services. Donations of any amount will have a direct impact of delivering clean water to the students and children in the Gemena community.  

  2. Solar Power - We are going to establish a solar power system for the community center. This will cost $10,000 and provide the power for an Internet Cafe, Cell Phone Charging Stations, Light Gathering and Child Care - all contribute to generating a sustainable economy.   Many of the water wells are also operated via an electrical pump. With solar installed; water can be quickly pumped for the community center. 

  3. Congo Action Traction Initiative (CATI) - We are providing oxen power for tilling fields and harvesting crops, allowing farmers to generate 10 times their current production ability.

Benefits of Donating

1. 100% of your donation goes directly to benefiting the Congolese people.

2. CongoVoice targets children without families in the poorest region of the world.

3. CongoVoice is extremely effective and efficient by leveraging local and international partners, which includes World Vision, World Relief, Hope International, Covenant World Missions, Congolese Covenant Church (CEUM), and Opportunity International.

Offline donations mean that there is not a 3% online processing fee associated with you gift. You can send a check to our office at 2805 St James Drive Belmont, CA 94002 and we will mail you a thank you note along with your tax deduction receipt.

Please specify the purpose of your donation. Donations of any amount will have a direct impact of delivering HOPE & OPPORTUNITY to the Congolese. The CongoVoice team thanks you for your impact.