Why the Congo?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is ranked as the poorest country in the world. The country has been devastated by wars, rapes, corruption and AIDS. The mortality rate for kids under 5 is one of the highest in the world. The unemployment rate is over 95% – so the opportunity for employment and the ability to provide for your yourself and your family is very limited. The number of kids living without any family support is staggering. 10,000 children live on the street with no one to care for them – so the need is great! The tragedy is the reality that the Congo is ranked number one in the world in natural resources.

Congo: Africa's Deadliest Conflict

One of the hospitals in the Ubangi region 

Girls are last on the human UN index in Congo 


Most relief agencies have not launched in the Congo until recently due to the instability from wars and uprisings, government corruption, and the accessibility to reliable Congolese leadership.

CongoVoice is targeting the poorest region of the Congo – the Ubangi region – located in the northwest corner of the country and is very difficult to access.  The Congo river is one option, but takes several weeks of difficult travel to arrive.  Roads are unimproved and in most times of the year, inaccessible.  Plane travel is unpredictable with twice weekly scheduled flights on Congo Air from Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo with 10 million people.


There are close to 750,000 people in the Ubangi region with Gemena, a town of 250,000, being the main hub.  Ubangi is rich in farm land and surface water – and was known as the agricultural bread basket of both the Congo and for Africa before the wars in the 1990′s. 

In seeking opportunities to serve and give, the leadership team of CongoVoice have unanimously agreed to personally serve “on the ground” in Ubangi and to financially donate to the mission of CongoVoice.  CongoVoice has identified and is partnering with proven Congolese leadership – this enables us to have high confidence in our effectiveness and sustainability.  We have also deployed CongoVoice staff permanently in the Ubangi to establish and nurture partnerships with other relief organizations who are also investing resources in this region of the Congo – such as World Vision, Hope International, and Paul Carlson Partnership.

Top 10 Reasons to Donate

Targeting the poorest region of the world

CongoVoice is partnered with varying humanitarian organizations, such as World Vision, a world leading humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities in nearly 100 countries to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. Currently, World Vision’s primary focus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is providing clean water to the region. CongoVoice has defined their mission to help the Congolese children, students and entrepreneurs by developing an orphanage, the university and micro-finance institutions. World Vision and CongoVoice have collaborated in efforts to combat the extreme poverty by providing micro finance programs to aspiring business entrepreneurs in the DRC. Today, CongoVoice is partnering with Tillers International of Michigan to financially support and mentor Congo Action Traction Initiative (CATI) in an effort to build economic development and sustainability through an oxen-powered agricultural program.