1.Saving Vulnerable Children

Restoring lives and providing hope for abandoned or neglected children ranging from infants through to their teens.

“We feed, clothe, shelter, pay for school and medical care, but most importantly, we love. This is a place to call home.” - Mama Sabuli.

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2. Educating Students

The Ubangi Protestant University - UPU has been equipping the upcoming generation now for over a decade. They are proud to offer a range of accredited degrees for hundreds of students. In addition, the new Gemena Community Center will be offering extensive vocational training classes.


3. Micro-Financing

Empowering local entrepreneurs. Launching dozens of businesses in an area with 95% unemployment. This is the key to creating a sustainable economy.

We believe that through the international partnership of Congo Voice, children, students and entrepreneurs can be given HOPE to build a future and the OPPORTUNITY to become business and community leaders, strengthening one of the poorest countries in the world- The Democratic Republic of Congo.

watch our video of HOPE and get a glimpse into THE IMPACT OF our work.

Listen below to Mama Sabuli’s incredible story.
Sowing the Seeds of Hope: How one woman’s incredible journey began with her hiding from rebels in the jungle, and culminated with her return to provide a home – and hope - for dozens of Congolese kids.

The 501C3 # for donors who need tax exemption assurance for their donation: 45 - 5281709