The vision Behind our first Community Center in gemena.

The VISION that drives the creation of the Gemena project is that we can create a physical structure in central Gemena that symbolizes CongoVoice’s love & care for children/ students/ entrepreneurs.

The GCC will offer vocational training with a wide range of options that includes, but aren’t limited to, nutrition/cooking; mechanical matience and repair services, an internet cafe for communication, knowledge access, technical training and mobile phone charging & repair.

The Building is in the finishing phases of construction....


SUSTAINABILITY is our target, through the GCC, for Mama Sabuli’s Childrens’ Center.

By generating income through renting space, training and teaching, we believe we will eventually be capable of supporting the ongoing expenses for the 100+ children at the Mama Sabuli’s Center.

Mama Tantine opens a clothing store on Community Center property.

Mama Tantine opens a clothing store on Community Center property.


Through offering pre & post school programs, we hope to provide retail facilities for local craftsmen & artist’s to display their offerings and for fruit & vegetables sales. The endless benefits & opportunities for education and businesses are exciting!


Gemena, Ubangi region.
Democratic Republic of Congo.