Welcome to Sabuli’s Growing Garden

This garden plays a crucial part in providing for the daily food intake of each child and has become a leading element on the road to sustainability for the children’s center.

The main garden is 25 acres of jungle that lies 6 miles away from Mama Sabuli’s home; much of it has been cleared, planted and harvested . She has planted palm trees, peanuts, cassava (manioc, yuca), pineapple, papaya, sugar cane, avacado, sweet potatoes, taro, rice, corn and coffee. When the weekend comes the children love spending time there harvesting, planting and eating from of the land.



The garden is reaping a full harvest! It produces a huge range of food that continues to feed the growing number of children at the centre.



Every free weekend the children pile into the truck headed for the garden. Whether its planting season, the harvest or just time for eating off the land, they all love to be there.



Not only does the garden feed the children it provides employment opportunities for the locals. There is always brush to clear and when harvest season comes it sure gets busy!