Meet Hope. After giving birth, the 17-year-old mother did not even have a blanket to wrap the child. The guard at the clinic gave her his own jacket to keep the baby warm. Her family disowned her for getting pregnant and would not accept either of them. Out of desperation, she dug a hole and buried her son. She unburied him as the child continued to scream in the ground. She heard that Sabuli Sanguma, director of the CongoVoice Children's Center takes care of the children with no families. Both her and the child have remained in Sabuli's care since November 2014. Sabuli named him Hope. Help Sabuli with all the children's needs: SUPPORT THE CHILDREN'S CENTER

Emanuel Lena

Emanuel is the little brother of Heritier and Dido. He is 17 years old, born on May 25th.  He is really grateful to be at Sabuli’s center because he is able to go to school, he can sleep well and he is well taken care of. In school, his favorite subjects are Math, French and technology, especially learning about the combination of mechanics and technology. (ie. High tech cars)

In his free time, Emanuel is very social and he likes to play soccer. When he finishes school, he wants to be in the engineering and construction business building large houses.

Emanuel asks that you would be praying for his life; for all the children, his family, at the center, for the people who are helping him in his life; and for his siblings.

Micheline Nayademale

Micheline is 18 years old and in 6th grade. She was born on December 25.  Both she and her brother Gedeon were born in Gbadolite. Their parents died when they were very young and, because they had no nearby family, they went to live with their neighbor. The neighbor saw the siblings as an unwelcome burden and asked Sabuli to take the children to her Center because she didn’t want them and didn’t have the resources to take care of Micheline and Gedeon.

Micheline is happy to be living at the Center. She likes to braid the other girl’s hair and help cook.  She once had a teacher tell her class that “one day, if you all become teachers, then you will be able to challenge children too!” And ever since then, she has wanted to become a teacher.

Sophia Zonga

Sophia is, hands down, one of the most precious little girls that you will ever meet! She and her siblings are fairly new to the center, but all the other children at the Center love and look out for her. She is only 4 and was born on February 15th. When asked if she remembers anything about life before the center, she said that she remembers that before her grandmother came to take care of her she was all alone and if she saw people she would try to follow them home “like a dog.” If you ask Sophia about her life now and about living at the center, she will tell you that she loves to play and having so many people to play with. Her favorite friends are Pricilla and Nicole.  Sophia now has HOPE in her life.

Matondi Swegba

Matondi is 17 years old and was born in Karowa on July 6.  She was born to her mother and the man that her mother was living with. While her mother was pregnant, Matondi’s father contracted an illness from her mother and died. Matondi is the youngest of five, but her siblings are all significantly older and have a different father than her. Because of this there is significant animosity towards her.

Matondi is an exception because her mother is still alive, but is sick and dying. Because of her sickness, Matondi’s mother could not feed Matondi, clothe her, or pay for her school fees. Matondi’s her half siblings would not take her, so she was allowed to come to Sabuli’s center.

Matondi is very glad to be at the center where she is well taken care of. She likes to play soccer, eat and she especially likes to go to school. Her favorite subjects are French, Math and Science. If she could tell you something about herself she says that she loves to dance, and when she gets older she is passionate about becoming an accountant.

Matondi asks that you would be praying for her to do well in school and that God would bless the people who sponsor the children at the center.

Ma Ndoyi Amunga

Ma Ndoyi is the youngest of six children, her brother, Fiston, is also at the center. She is 10 years old, born on April 2.  Both her father and her mother were sick with AIDS for a long time and eventually died.  When they died, Ma Ndoyi and Fiston went to live with her older brother where they were treated very badly like servants for their brother and his wife and children. Ma Ndoyi wasn’t allowed to go to school and was made to cook for the family and work in the garden.

Her older brother eventually approached Mama Sabuli about taking the children, and now Ma Ndoyi loves living at the center!  She gets to spend time with friends and she is taken care of. Ma Ndoyi is a very good cook, she is proud of her own unique way of cooking and she enjoys cooking for others.  When  she gets older, she would like to become a teacher because she likes the way the teachers at her school have taught her and she wants to do the same for others.

Ma Ndoyi asks that you would be praying for her classes and that her studies go well so she can achieve her dream of becoming a teacher. 

Tusin Malula

Tusin is 9 years old, and in 2nd grade. He is the younger brother of Ezekiel and Olivier. Tusin says that before he came to the Center, he remembers his grandmother sending him in the early morning to sell bananas, salt or something else so that he “could survive.” He likes living at the center because he is able to go to school, he can eat and he is able to play. In his free time, Tusin likes to play soccer.

When he gets older, Tusin wants to be a driver so that he can take care of the adults in his life when they get old. He also wants people to know that he loves people and likes to joke.

Tusin asks that you would be praying for him to be able to study well and finish school.

Modeste Mambo

Modeste is 16 years old and in 10th grade. He is an only child. His father was a translator who was working to translate the bible into a local dialect when he died of AIDS. Modeste was 12 when his mother became very ill and also died. Modeste moved in with a neighbor, however, the neighbor was neglectful and didn’t take care of him.

He moved from his hometown of Gbadolite to Gemena and was able to live with a family who works at Sabuli’s Center since there was no room for him in the Center at the time. Now that all the kids have moved into the new building, Modeste will follow in the coming school year so that he doesn’t have to switch schools midway through the semester.

Modeste likes to study engineering and mechanics, he enjoys drawing mechanical mechanisms and their functions. He also enjoys studying French and Math and playing soccer. He hopes one day to use his love of engineering to become a mechanic for cars and motorbikes.

Modeste asks that you would be praying for him to do well in all his classes and to be able to pass. 


Eve Fulugege

Eve is almost 11 years old, born in Gemena on April 5th.  She is in third grade. She is the second oldest of four children and her siblings Alain, Gustave and Sophia are here at Sabuli’s Center with Eve. The four siblings were brought to the center by their grandmother, the only family the siblings had left. Their grandmother loved them very much but couldn’t even take care of herself and recognized that the only way for her grandchildren to survive was for them to come to the Center. When Eve and her siblings arrived they didn’t have proper clothing and all of them were malnourished.

Eve loves living at the Center because she says that she has friends here and she and her siblings are well taken care of. Eve likes to help wash dishes and play with her friends. When she grows up, Eve says that she would like to be the wife of the president so that she can have the money to help other orphans.

Eve asks that you would be praying for her studies to go well.

Ruth Yakunda

Ruth is 18 years old, born on January 15th in Karawa. She is currently in the eighth grade. Her parents both died very suddenly and she and her three younger siblings were placed in a mission in Karawa that takes care of orphans.

Ruth really likes living at the center because her school fees are paid and she says that “school will help [her] to become influential.” She is likes to study a lot and is taking French, history, geography, IT and English. She says that sometimes it is really hard for her to go to school though, because she knows that her siblings who live elsewhere are unable to pay for school.

In her free time, Ruth likes to plant vegetables at the center and also at Sabuli’s farm. She likes the feeling that she gets when her hard work pays off and she gets to share with others.  When she gets older, she hopes to be able to have her own farm. She would also like to become an elementary school teacher teaching History. Her father was a professor and she values the knowledge that she was given and wants to pass it on.

Ruth asks that you would be praying for her life, her academics, her family and the people who are helping her. 

Olivier Dalanga

Olivier is 13 years old. He is the younger brother of Ezekiel and the older brother of Tusin. Before becoming supported by the Center, Olivier remembers that his clothes were not good, and he didn’t know how he was going to pay his school fees.

Since becoming supported by the center, Olivier has also had a way to pay his medical bills. Olivier has a devastating leg ailment which keeps him from living at the center because the long walk to school would add too much to the daily pain that he is already experiencing. Because of this, he lives with his grandmother in the home that his father built and he grew up in that is closer to the local school.

In school, Olivier’s favorite subject is math. In his free time, even though it hurts him a lot, he likes to play soccer. Olivier also likes to sing and loves electricity. Because of this, he wants to become an electrician and he is already fixing things like light bulbs.

Oliver asks that you would be praying for his schooling and for his health. 

Olga Delingo

Olga is 14 years old and in 6th grade. She was born in Karawa on November 12. Both of her parents died from AIDS, leaving her an orphan when she was seven. She really likes living at Sabuli’s center. While she is here, she likes to play soccer with the other kids and help cook, clean, and work in the garden with Sabuli.

Olga says that, God willing, she would like to get her high school diploma and then go on to medical school to be a doctor like her father was. After seeing how her parents died, she would like to become a doctor so that she can help people live.

Olga asks that you would be praying for her to work hard in school to be able to become a doctor.

Ezekiel Yaya

Ezekiel Yayo was born in Lesaiglons. He is 15 years old and in the 7th grade. Ezekiel is one of seven children, and he is the older brother of Tusin and Olivier who also live at the center.

Ezekiel, Tusin and Oiviers’s parents were very involved in the church. Their father was a deacon and their mother was the director of the women in their church. Both parents were sick, and eventually died of AIDS. Their father died first and when he went, people from the village came to their hut and looted everything. Two months later the boy’s mother passed and the boy’s grandmother, a local deacon, took them in and, eventually, brought them to the orphanage.

Ezekiel says that he likes living at the orphanage because his school fees are paid and he is well taken care of. Ezekiel enjoys playing soccer in his free time and when Ezekiel gets older, he wants to be a soccer player. His favorite team is the Congolese national team: Mazembe.

Ezekiel says that if he could spend one day with anyone in the world, he would choose to spend it with God so that he could ask Him if there is anything that God wants him to do.

Ezekiel asks that you would be praying that God would bless him and protect his life, his studies and the people who are helping him. 

Fiston Amunga

Fiston is Ma Ndoyi’s older brother. He is 11 years old, born January 1st.  He is in 3rd grade because when he was living with his brother he had to work and wasn’t allowed to go to school. But he is happy to be at the center because he says that he can “survive well.”

Fiston enjoys playing soccer and reading. His favorite thing to read is the bible, and specifically stories about Jesus. Fiston wants to be a pastor when he gets older.

Fiston asks that you would be praying for him so that he would not get sick.

Florence Saboko

Florence is the youngest of five siblings. She is 11 years old and in the 4th grade. Her mother died when she was young. When her father died, her father’s second wife, the mother of the Florence’s siblings, did not treat Florence well and sent her away to Sabuli’s Center when she was only four years old.

Florence likes living here because she is taken care of, she is allowed to go to school, and the school fees are paid. The thing she likes the most about the Center is that she is being taught practical skills that will help her become self-sustaining one day. She enjoys cleaning, and one day, Florence hopes to be a doctor because she enjoys helping people.

Florence asks that you would be praying for her to do well in school and she also asks for prayer that God would take away her fears about her future without a family. 

Gedeon Nayademale

Gedeon is Micheline’s younger brother. He is 15 years old and in 6th grade. He was born on July 26th.  Before coming to the Center, while he and Michelene were living with his neighbor, Gedeon remembers having to work very, very hard for his neighbor in the garden instead of being able to go to school.

Gedon likes living at the Center because he loves that he is able to go to school and he enjoys helping out around the Center. Gedeon’s father was a general mechanic, and so Gedeon would also like to become a general mechanic.

His favorite subjects in school are math and French and he likes to play sports, especially soccer. Gedeon also likes to sing.

Gedeon asks that you would be praying for him to do well in school. 

Fiston Zabusu

Fiston is 14 years old, and in the 8th grade. He came to the Center from the Wycliff orphanage, so many of the details of his past are unknown. He remembers that he is an only child and after his parents died, he lived with his grandmother. Life was very difficult for Fiston. He was unable to go to school because he had no money for school fees, so he spent his time working for his grandmother.

Fiston likes living at the Center because he gets to go to school, he eats well, and he sleeps well. In his free time, he likes to play soccer. His favorite subject in school is English.

When he gets older, Fiston wants to be an ambassador and someone who helps children like him who also don’t have parents. He says that he would be a very social ambassador and if he want to America as the Congolese ambassador, he would tell people that Congo is a nice, good country but many people are dying.

Fiston asks that you would be praying for his schooling. 

Gisele Yambiyo

Gisele is 13 years old, born on February 1.  She was one of the first children at the center. She was very young when her parents died and she had to take care of her two younger siblings on her own. Her uncle eventually took them in, but because he already seven children of his own, he couldn’t take care of ten children so Gisele came to the center.

She is really grateful to be somewhere where she is well taken care of. She says that the food, and sleeping conditions are better here than at her uncle’s. At the Center, she gets the chance to go to school because her school fees are paid for.

Gisele is a very hard worker! Since her very first morning at the center, Gisele has been in the kitchen every day cooking and gathering food to cook for the others.  She wants to be a teacher when she gets older because she likes the example that teachers have set, giving people knowledge.

Gisele asks that you would be praying for her life and for her academics.

Guy Zagbalafio

Guy is 6 years old, born on March 1st.   His siblings are Alain, Eve, and Sophia. Guy is in first grade and one of his favorite things to do in school is to read.

Guy enjoys living at the Center. When asked what he remembers about life before the center, Guy say that he remembers never having food and if he and his siblings went to school, they were sent home because they couldn’t pay their school fees.

In his free time, Guy likes to practice fixing things, and the Aunties who live at the center will often give Guy things that are broken for him to fix. He wants to be a mechanic when he gets older.

Guy asks that you would be praying for him to become a mechanic one day.  

Dawili Ngawili 

Dawili is the youngest of eight in his family. Before there was even a formal orphanage, Dawili and his siblings were the first children that Mama Sabuli ever supported. His father was a pastor and his mother worked for the church managing the guesthouse. Dawili’s father died before he was born, and when he was 13, his mother also died.

Dawili is very creative, hard working and extremely driven. Dawili is one of the only children at the Center who does not rely 100% on support from the Center because he has found a job selling gas. He enjoys this because it allows him to earn money. He has "graduated" from the Center and now lives with his Uncle so that he can be closer to his electrical trade school.

Dawili wants to work in electricity when he completes his training. He takes a lot of pride in his ability to install cables and often volunteers his skills at the Center.

His requests prayer that he would be able to get a good job that would allow him to gain life experience and support himself. 

Chantal Lena

Chantal is the youngest sibling of Heritier, Dido, and Emanuel. She is 14 years old, born on May 25th.  Chantal is in 8th grade. Chantal loves going to school and is very intelligent. She is taking English, Math, History, and Geography but she doesn’t have a favorite class.

In her free time, Chantal likes to dance in church and draw. When she gets older Chantal would like to be a doctor so that she can help heal people. Her hope is to be able to work pro bono  for people who can’t afford a doctor.

Sabuli commented on Chantal, remarking on her intelligence and creativity. She says that Chantal takes after her older brother Eritier in being responsible and mature. She says that if Chantal puts her mind to something, she will do it.

Chantal asks that you would be praying for her academics, for her life, her family and that God would continue and bless the people who are sponsoring her at Sabuli’s Center.

Delva Daco

Delva is 18 years old, born in Karawa on July 12th.  She is in the 7th grade. When the country had their civil war, Delva’s parents fled with her and her siblings into the jungle. While they were there, both their parents died and, after the war, Delva and her twin sister went to live in an orphan program in Karawa.

Delva is glad to be at Sabuli’s Center because she is able to attend school to improve her life.  Her favorite classes are French, Math and Life Education. Delva is also a trained seamstress. In her free time, she likes to play with her friends and help our around the Center. She wants people to know that she likes to make people laugh.

When she graduates high school, she hopes to go on to become a doctor who does surgery on people’s stomachs because she wants to heal people.

Delva asks that you would pray for the people who are helping her, for her family, for the other kids at the Center, and for wisdom for the leaders of the church here in the Congo.

Dido Lena

Dido is 19 yrs old, and in 10th grade. He was born on April 18th.  He is the younger brother of Heritier, and second of the four siblings. Heritier brought Dido from Loko to Gemena when he was 15 years old. Dido liked living with his grandfather, but he is more happy to be here because is able to go to school. He says that it is very important to go to school because school will help him to become someone in life.

In addition to school, in his free time, Dido likes to sing and is getting tech training so that he can “be prepared for the future.” When he finishes school, Dido would like to become an accountant.

Dido asks that you would be praying for his life, his future and his family. 


Fidel is 14 years old, he was born in Botolo on March 20th.  When his parents died, he came to Gemena to live with extended relatives in the jungle. Fidel was working hard on the farm of the relative he was staying with but the lady would not give him the money to be able to go to school. It was only at the center that he started going to school, this is one of the reasons he likes living at the center so much.

In his free time, Fidel likes to play soccer; he says that he is a really good goalie. When he is done with school, he would like to become a mechanic, fixing cars and motorcycles. If Fidel could talk to the President of the Congo, he would tell him to do a good job and pay people’s wages.

Fidel asks that you would be praying for his studies, his family and for the blessings for the people who are helping him to pay his school fees. 

 Irène Mbenwa

Irène is the youngest of three children in her family. She is 12 years old, she was born October 18th.  When her parents died, her older brother couldn’t take care of her so he brought her to the Center when she was 9, and often comes to visit her here.

Irène loves living at the Center because she is well taken care of and she gets to go to school. She likes to cook vegetables and pondu. She even said that if she could have one day where she could do whatever she wanted, she said that she would want to cook at the Center for the other children. One day she hopes to be a doctor so that she can give people shots.

Irène asks that you would be praying that God would give her the knowledge to complete school.