1.Saving Vulnerable Children

CongoVoice exists to restore lives and provide hope for abandoned or neglected children, ranging in age from infants - teens.

“We feed, clothe, shelter, pay for school and provide medical care for our children, but most importantly, we love them. This is a place to call home.” - Mama Sabuli.

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2. Educating Students

The Ubangi Protestant University - UPU has been equipping the upcoming generation for over a decade now. UPU is proud to offer a range of accredited degrees for hundreds of students. In addition, the new Gemena Community Center will be offering extensive vocational training classes.


3. Micro-Financing

CongoVoice helps to empower local entrepreneurs. Our M-F launches dozens of businesses in an area with a 95% unemployment rate. This is the key to creating a sustainable economy.

We believe that through the international partnership of Congo Voice, children, students and entrepreneurs can be given HOPE to build a future and the OPPORTUNITY to become business and community leaders, strengthening one of the poorest countries in the world - The Democratic Republic of Congo.

watch our video of HOPE and get a glimpse into THE IMPACT OF our work.

Listen below to Mama Sabuli’s incredible story.
Sowing the Seeds of Hope: How one woman’s incredible journey which began with her hiding from rebels in the jungle and culminated with her return to providing a home – and hope - for dozens of Congolese kids.

The 501C3 # for donors who need tax exemption assurance for their donation: 45 - 5281709