Children help install solar panels, next drilling for clean water

Solar Panels Installed -
Light Changes Test Scores

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Solar Panels Delivers Light!

In January 2014, CongoVoice attended the Retail Orphan Initiative (ROI) Conference in NYC to raise funds for solar power projects at the Children's Center. ROI's generous response led to CongoVoice contracting with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to design and install solar panels to deliver adequate power to provide evening and morning lights to the 80 children living at the Center. Over the summer, solar panels were installed with the children's assistance at the Center. The children finally have light to study and now have the highest test scores in their respective public school classes. MAF is also planning on installing solar panels on the rooftop of the Ubangi Protestant University (UPU).  As detailed in MAF’s latest report, the solar panels are designed to be theft proof. MAF used unique headed bolts that can only be removed by a special key; the strength of the bolts are resistant to any cutting except by a high performance metal saw. 

MAF gave special acknowledgment to two girls, Florence and Chantal from the Children's Center who actively assisted in the installation of the panels. Florence and Chantal helped to carry materials, weld and even assisted in raising the panels onto the roof. Their courageous efforts are greatly appreciated!

Chantal and Florence assisting the men of MAF.

Meet Chantal: Watch her interview

Meet Florence: Watch her interview

Below is a picture of the solar panels about to be installed at UPU

Below is a photo of how the children used to study on the floor by candle. Now they study with lights above. 

Meet Hope - he was buried alive,
but now sleeps peacefully at the Children's Center.

After giving birth, the 17-year-old mother did not even have a blanket to wrap the child. The guard at the clinic gave her his own jacket to keep the baby warm. Her family had disowned her for getting pregnant and would not accept either of them. Without her parents support she had no means of feeding herself or the child. Out of desperation, she dug a hole and buried her son, believing that her family would accept her again if the child was gone. 

As the child continued to scream in the ground, she unburied him. Pleading with people in the community to help her with her child, she was directed to see Sabuli Sanguma, founder and director of the Children's Center.  Sabuli welcomed the mother and son. She bathed, fed and clothed them. Sabuli named the child: Elikia, which means Hope in Lingala.

Donations from YOU provided this miraculous outcome for Hope!

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Meetings with Congo Representatives:

In November, 2014 Anna-Marie Anderson, traveled to the DR Congo as a CongoVoice representative to offer "on the ground" support in a wide array of tasks. Anna-Marie has had a deep interest and passionate heart for the Congo for many years. One of her key roles will be to assess, collaborate and implement micro financed business to help expand the local Gemena economy -  funded by CongoVoice. Anna-Marie traveled with 8 crates of much needed supplies including several mobile tablet computers in partnership with Stanford University to implement an incredible new approach to education via SMILE mobile technology.

Before traveling to Gemena, Anna-Marie and Mossai Sanguma met with various key Congo representatives: 

  • Bishop of the Protestant Church (also adviser to President Kabila) to discuss CongoVoice strategy in the Gemena area

  • USAID meeting to discuss development projects and opportunities to partner

  • Minister of Education and Congolese Senator to discuss educational approaches with SMILE and CongoVoice Community Center

  • IMA World Health (Jennifer Scott) to discuss a special stove that reduces emissionss to improve Congolese health

  • US Embassy - Public Relations and Diplomacy to discuss projects and opportunities to partner

All the meetings had positive results and defined next steps in establishing valuable partnerships to improve the effictiveness of a coordinated approach to solve the many challenges the Congolese people face each and every day. 
Anna-Marie and Mossai visited the newly purchased property for the CongoVoice Community Center located near the central market in Gemena. There is quite a bit of buzz over the new Community Center and the planned offerings that will be available to the local Congolese people, including a preschool and sports program for the children (hosted by UPU students), an Internet Cafe for the community (operated by UPU students) and mentoring services for entrepreneurs micro-funded by CongoVoice. 

Below are pictures of Pastor Zabusu, Anna-Marie, Mossai. Bishop Marini, and Lydia Mangoni

- Upcoming Projects

Drilling a safe water well at the Children’s Center

  • Children will then have access to clean safe water, which they currently walk 15 minutes each way to the nearest clean water source See their current water source
  • Estimated cost for well drilling and hand pump is $20,000
  • Expanding the Children's Center to be able to provide nursery facilities for young babies has been planned for 2015 - this is budgeted at $50,000

Launching high-speed Internet access by the New Year at UPU

  • Will facilitate a wide array of new classes and improved communications (this has been funded - thank you) funds are needed for ongoing annual access expenses of $8,000

Launching 3 businesses by UPU students - each requiring $30,000 to implement.

  1. Improved food production and quality - building and operating a grinding mill
  2. Improved lumber quality and availability - building and operating a saw mill 
  3. Improved agriculture production - utilizing Oxen to pull plows (already on site) to reduce back breaking hand methods: Congo Animal Traction Initiative (CATI)

To help fund one of these projects donate here. Specifically allocate your donation by emailing CongoVoice or you can mail a check drafted to CongoVoice to 2805 St. James Road, Belmont, CA 94002

Thank you for your continuing support of CongoVoice

Suzanne and Mike Seashols
CongoVoice Representatives