Meet the Newest Kids to join the Children's Center

In April, 2014, Sabuli Sanguma, director of the Children's Center received twin infant boys, Caleb and Joshua and a two-year-old girl, Flora.  Below Sabuli shares the story of the abandoned twins. After the interview, the woman who had been caring for the children introduced Flora. 

When Flora arrived she did not smile for a few days. After several meals and lots of affection, her personality appeared. 

Behind the young woman was her daughter, Elysee carrying her brother, Saddam. Elysee is six years old and was helping her mother by carrying Saddam or one of the infants every day on her back or wrapped around her front side. 

Guston is 17 years old. He is unable to attend school because the family has no income and he is needed to help his sister care for the children. 

The woman who cared for them all. This photo was taken after a meal at Sabuli's home. She is holding her son Saddam. 

Sabuli invited the family to come over for a big meal every day and would bathe the children. Flora and the infants were slowly transitioned into Sabuli's care. Sabuli's own orphans and closest friends all help in feeding, bathing, clothing and playing with the children.

Donations were immediately raised back in California through CongoVoice leadership. CongoVoice specifically thanks the individuals and families in California who donated in support of hygiene products, formula and medical expenses for Caleb, Joshua and Flora. Over $1,000 were donated, including a full crate of critical baby items bought and shipped from Kinshasa to Gemena. 

Both Joshua and Caleb battled a serious bout with malaria at separate times. They have both fully recovered and are very healthy today.

At the end of August, 2014, Sabuli received a 7 year-old girl, weighing 8 kilos - less than 18 pounds. Her name is Ester. Both of her parents have died. Ester's uncle came to Sabuli to take her off his hands. These photos were sent from Sabuli herself. 

Sabuli is tirelessly caring for over 70 orphaned children with the assistance of 2 full time care givers. 

There is a great need for financial support to provide continual baby formula, diapers, clothing and medical attention to these infants. If you would like to contribute to this need visit Donations can be made as general donations or targeted to a specific need of your choice. Please email CongoVoice at for additional questions that you have to discuss your donation designation.