Help bring clean water to the Children's Center


A clean water well has one of the greatest impacts for children and their communities.

Safe drinking water protects children from water-borne diseases, which is one of the highest causes of infant mortality. Your support of clean water in Congo means incredible change for the neediest children. 

Imagine if you had to WALK several hours TWICE a day to fetch water to LIVE. 

This is the reality for most women and small children in the DR Congo! BUT you can partner with CongoVoice to provide these vulnerable families with CLEAN WATER within a few minutes of their homes.

CongoVoice is in the process of drilling three CLEAN WATER wells in Gemena: The first is next to the Sabuli Children's Center, then on the campus of the Ubangi University (UPU) and then near the Community Center in the market center.  Each well is estimated to cost $25,000 to drill, provide a storage tank and provide multiple refilling stations.To learn more click below to view the water initiative video.