Congo Voice Interviewed.

We sat down with one of our board members, Doug Morton, to discuss his interpretation of Congo Voice's mission in the DRC. It’s important for us to maintain an open dialogue between our leadership team and our donors to ensure trust and credibility in our projects. This is Congo Voice’s first mini-interview with one of our board members…

1.    Why did we choose Congo? 

We have deep relationships with many people and a partnership with the Covenant Church in the Ubangi Region of the Congo, which is the poorest region in the poorest country in the world.  And yet we have a vision that if the many organizations that are collaborating achieve their vision this can become an example of hope achieved and an inspiration for other regions in the Congo.

2.    What’s the long term vision? 

Work in collaboration with other entities in Congo to create a self-sustaining environment that will lead to economic independence and health.

3.    What does success look like in the Congo Voice mission? 

In collaboration with other entities, we will create a safe place for orphans while developing economic independence in this region.

4.    Can you explain the 3-prong approach.  

In order to achieve our goal we are using a 3-prong approach:

a.     Children – Provide a place where they are safe and envision a hopeful future through care and education;

b.     Students – Establish a place where students can come and learn a trade in order to achieve economic independence;

c.     Entrepreneurs – Partner with entrepreneurs to launch business that will become the economic engine for our vision.