the vulnerable

the vulnerable

With AIDS, Maternal death, extremely low availability to medical care and 95% under employment many children are vulnerable and orphaned in this viscous cycle of poverty. We rescue children from the street or desperate situations and help them find new life at the center.

dignity and hope

dignity and hope

Our goal for each child who enters our doors is for them to become nourished by good food, equipped with education, sheltered with a safe home and most importantly loved upon. We have seen children’s lives completely transformed and restored through our care.

a new generation

a new generation

The children need love, they need family, and they need purpose. We believe as we pour our love into and provide opportunities for these children they will receive the chance to hope and dream again, and to reach their full potential. We believe we are raising a generation of leaders.  

Listen to our story

“I hold them and say if someone tells you, you are an orphan you tell them you are my children.” - Mama Sabuli.


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since Feb. 2018

Here are some of the stories of the 100+ children that have found refuge at Mama Sabuli’s home.

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UPDATE: 16 sweet babies in our care!

Never before have we had so many little ones. The Children's Centre has become a refuge to a growing number of children. Lives have be rescued, changed and given hope. It's no easy task- many hands and much love is needed to raise this growing family.


Consider buying a can of infant formula to keep a baby alive

You can safe a life through milk!

You can sponsor a child for $50 a month covering all of those necessities.

Through your support, children are provided with their own clothes, receive nutritional food daily, and are housed in a safe environment.  Each of them attend school, receive medical care and have organized daily chores to promote a strong work ethic. Each child is given a chance to hope again.


Children’s Centre

The orphanage building was completed and dedicated in March 2013. The foundation and the walls are erected of baked clay bricks and cement mortar. These are the most durable building materials available in the area and will ensure a solid building that will provide shelter for Sabuli’s children for many years to come. The orphanage consists of many rooms: two dormitory rooms, one each for the boys and the girls, a central common room for dining, a storage room, a computer room, and the beginnings of a nursery.

How the Children’s Center began...

Sabuli Sanguma is a brave and bold woman with a tender heart for children.
She and her husband, Mossai, ended up separated from their children for several years during the war in the early 1990′s. Sabuli had the opportunity witness how God, through complete strangers, had provided for her children in her absence. It made such an impression that upon returning to the Congo she was compelled to care for children in her neighborhood.  What started as a neighborhood project, now focuses on vulnerable children in the Ubangi region who have no family support and who end up living on the street.  The number of children who are at risk due to poverty and family death exceed 10,000 – so the need is great!