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Your donation allows us to serve the world's neediest region. The entire amount of your donation goes directly to the designated area of your choice. No fees are used to operate CongoVoice. All operating costs are contributed by CongoVoice leadership. 

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Tell your friends and family about the needs in the Congo. Share the incredible difference being made by CongoVoice. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join us today. Make an impact by being a voice for the Congo!

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The CongoVoice team is solely comprised of volunteers to assure 100% of donations actively serve the Congolese people. All operating costs are contributed by CongoVoice leadership. You can can make a great impact for the poorest area of the world by volunteering your time and creative skills to assist the CongoVoice mission of providing HOPE & OPPORTUNITY to DR Congo.

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The 501C3 # for donors who need tax exemption assurance for their donation: 45 - 5281709