1. 100% of your donation goes directly to the benefit of the Congolese people.

2. CongoVoice focuses on delivering HOPE to the most vulnerable group of people - the children without any adults in their lives who live in one of the poorest regions of the DR Congo.

3. CongoVoice is extremely effective and efficient by leveraging local and international partners which include World Vision, Human Rights Watch, Eastern Congo Initiative, World Relief, Hope International, Covenant World Missions, Congolese Covenant Church (CEUM), and Opportunity International - coupled with a team of proven Congolese leaders and experienced Western leaders.

4. CongoVoice leverages the agricultural resources of the Equateur Province of northwestern DR Congo – some of the richest farm land and abundant water sources in the world – to build a sustainable local economy through loans to entrepreneurs.

5. CongoVoice leadership is actively involved “on the ground” to understand what is working and not working.

6. CongoVoice has invested in local Congolese staff living in the area to assure accountability and sustainability.

7. CongoVoice monitors the many other charitable organizations with a passion to help with Congolese people  –  we then focus on the underserved but critical unmet needs.

8. CongoVoice has impact across Children, Students, and Entrepreneurs – a natural coordination that delivers positive and sustaining change of “HOPE through OPPORTUNITY”

9.CongoVoice uses a proven “mentoring model” for launching and maintaining successful micro-financed businesses.

10. The DR Congo has more natural resources than any other single country in the world – and the time is right for us to invest and to have trust in the Congolese people.

Make a Difference

The opportunity to “make a difference” is immense through CongoVoice. The entire amount of your donation goes directly to the designated area of your choice. No fees are used to operate CongoVoice or for the cost of fund raising. The entire cost of operating CongoVoice is contributed by the CongoVoice leadership.  Select one or more of specific areas where your donation should be used: