WE ARE COMMITTED to providing hope and opportunities to one of the poorest regions in the world.

We believe CongoVoice can accomplish this by providing refuge for orphaned children, education and medical care. We also long to provide educational and medical resources for the local population while launching opportunities for new businesses.


1. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world.
2. The country has been devastated by wars, rape, corruption and disease.
3. The mortality rate for kids is one of the highest in the world. 1 in 5 don’t see their 5th birthday.
4. The unemployment rate is over 95% – so the opportunity for employment and the ability to provide for oneself and/or a family is very limited.
5. The number of children living without any family support is staggering; 10,000 children live on the street with no one to care for them. The mortality rate both mothers and babies is extremely high. This is compounded by the impact of the 10+ years of war, the high spread of HIV/AIDS, malaria and an unstable government.
6. The Gemena area was a logical place to launch CongoVoice due to strong existing local Congolese leadership, the remoteness of the region from conflict and significant agricultural resources to build a sustainable economy. We know that through our various projects we can help change the lives of this generation which would, in turn, improve the opportunities for future generations.


1. The Children’s center is used as a vessel to provide basic needs for children without families including housing, security, nutrition, medical coverage and education. The Children’s Center has saved, restored and given new hope to many of these children.

2. UPUniversity is poised to provide higher education for the next generation. UPU educates and trains the local population helping to create and sustain self employment through launching entrepreneurial businesses combatting the 95% unemployment rate. The goal is to support/create a stable local economy.

3. CongoVoice is unique in that ALL donations are invested in the people of Congo– dispersed through our many projects.  All overhead and administrative costs are covered by the CongoVoice leadership board.  Your donations are used exclusively for what you designate to, or as needed within one of these programs.

4. CongoVoice has unanimously agreed to personally serve “on the ground” in Ubangi.  There are staff in the Ubangi region to establish and nurture partnerships with other relief organizations who are also investing resources in this region of the Congo. We work alongside such NGOs such as World Vision, Hope International, and Paul Carlson Partners. The staff who are on the ground in these organizations are also great resources for re-assesing the urgent needs of the center and all of our working projects.

Learn how YOU can have direct impact by supporting our projects which equip ‘actual people’ in Congo.

CongoVoice was launched in March 2012, founded by Mike Seashols and Dr. Mossai Sanguma as a vehicle to ‘Voice’ the needs and opportunities in the Ubangi region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Email us at Info@CongoVoice.org or HelpCongoVoice@Gmail.com

The 501C3 # for donors who need tax exemption assurance for their donation: 45 - 5281709

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